Sunday, February 15, 2009


It seems appropriate that this collage came to be just as we approach Purim a time for revealing the courage, strength and faith that stands behind our masks.

I am One...I am Two...
Who stands behind this mask of fire.
I am one who is both mother and child dressed up and shielded by long stands of truth
...mother as masquerade for the inadequacy I feel-yet thrust into this warrior status.
I stand firmly on ground that is shifting.

I offer you comfort in knowing this is real and makes perect sense as you walk upon new and frightening territory. I give you courage to continue standing behind these flames of uncertainty.

I want you to see the regal qualities you possess. You are the warrior/mother/child. Look within to see the stength you have summoned...your Own strength.

Is the mask really a Mask? If so, what is it hiding?

Your strength-truly this is not a mask, but a shield to protect the ones you love.

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